trinoma dessert haven

last march 7, trinoma held a follow up to it’s blogger food tour. this time, it was all about desserts. we were given GCs to purchase the various goodies from the participating outlets [Dulcelin, CakeBiz, Must be Moms, Unit 16 Sweets, Gigi La Crepe, Katlyn’s Kitchen, Fleur de Lys, Sugarhouse, Russian Cookie House, St. Clements Kitchen, Swell Sweets and more], and of course, we invited a few bloggers to join in the feast of sweets. so we purchased numerous sugary samplers and spread them for our indulging accomplices. and like a pack of wolves after the kill, we gobbled up all the treats…cakes, cookies, pies, cupcakes, tortes ant tarts, ensaymadas and puto.

when the “smoke” cleared, and we all had our fill, we still had a lot to brown bag and take home (as seen in the photo above).

read more here

you can still participate and take advantage of the ongoing promo. every P1,500 purchase at any participating restaurant on the 3/F or 4/F of TriNoma Park entitles you to a free dessert from any Dessert Haven concessionaire.

here are a few other blogs from some of the folks that joined us:

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