rampant plagiarism

As a photographer, you want to get your work out and share some of your favorite shots with fellow photogs, or even with admirers. Posting your photos online also serves as your ‘portfolio’ for future clients…

But one major risk still remains a reality. Photo stealing.

A couple of weeks ago, Enrico Dee, author of Byahilo reported that some of his photos were used without his knowledge by the morning talk show Boy and Kris. Dee’s photos were zoomed in to allow for the cropping of the watermarks. Patiently, he waited for the end of the segment to see if any credits or acknowledgment were given…but of course, none came.

Read the full account

Today, I read in the Digital Photographer Philippines forum that another talented photog has been victimized. Tricia Gosingtian aka Slumberdoll‘s photo (see below) of Aloida Gosiengfiao aka Blackmage9 was edited and used as the main artwork for the Earth Day Jam 2008. When the organizers were contacted, they apologized and offered the aggrieved parties invites as VIPs…and they were to be credited during the event. Great compensation.

[click photo for larger view]

Read the forum thread

Internet laws have to be set up, in order to protect the intellectual property rights of photographers. But until then, just be careful whenever posting anything on the internet.


2 thoughts on “rampant plagiarism

  1. how frustrating that these things happen. i guess it’s just that some people are so used to the “copy-and-paste” method that they fail to take into consideration that they have to give due credit to the owner of the photo or an artwork. hay..

  2. I was on the technical working group for the country’s very first Internet law, and I can tell you the law is very clear on this.

    The organizers are guilty of copyright infringement, plain and simple.

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