first roll: crap

After waiting agonizingly for weeks, I finally got my Lomo LC-A+ camera pack and Colorsplash Flash. Excited as I was, I decided to shoot like crazy and take just about anything and everything. I was fooling around with colors, experimenting with the settings, and hitting that multiple exposure switch like I was running out of film. I was pretty confident that I would get some cool photos out of the roll, as I had tripped out on my five year old Holga 120N previously.

But when I got my prints back, I found that I had produced crap, pretty much. There was nothing lomographic about my photos and a lot of the shots came out blurred. Charge it to experience. I do, however, have my doubts about some of my photos. As I had my film developed in a Kodak center, a few of the shots were not printed — especially those double exposed and with strange colors…which leads me to believe that they actually color corrected some of the photos. But who knows. My first roll wasn’t a total waste though, as I think I was able to come up with a few shots that were worth saving. My pick of the bunch:

[click photo for larger view]

My second roll is now with Digiprint, and I’m just waiting to see how this roll comes out. Hopefully, better.


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