discovery of the day

Being a cheap bastard, I always look for ways to save money. However, ever since I got my Lomo cam, I’ve been shelling out a bit of cash for film, developing my rolls, burning the photos to cds, etc. My passion for photography was clashing with my natural instincts to be a tightwad (it runs in my dad’s side of the family).

But today, I made a discovery that may just save me a bit of money…in the long run.

I’ve been going over to Digiprint to have my photos printed, and the film rolls burned to CDs, as my previous encounter with Kodak left me wanting. By sheer coincidence, when I passed by their [Digiprint] St. Francis outlet, their printer was producing funky colors, so I decided not to take the chance. Kodak was the only other alternative in a walkable radius. I was a bit hesitant to bring my digital copies over, but my obsessive compulsiveness to have the photos printed today was stronger. Besides, I thought to myself, they’re already processed the natural way…without any color correction, so why not?

When I got to Kodak, I delightedly discovered their printing services were actually cheaper than Digiprint’s. (Php 6.50 for 50 prints and above versus Php 8.50 per print for Loyalty Card holders)

So now, I will go to Digiprint to have my rolls of film burned to CDs (Php 150 for up to 3 rolls in one CD versus Php 250 for 3 rolls in one CD in Kodak), but have my prints done in Kodak.

So to make a long story short, printing in Kodak is cheaper than in Digiprint. But Digital burning to CDs is cheaper in the latter.

Now I have to check out Fuji…


One thought on “discovery of the day

  1. Nice! Yup, Digiprint is the best when it comes to scanning, really cheap!
    I’m yet to try out Kodak’s printing.

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