boracay bagyo

Last week, a few Yehey! employees and myself took a business trip to Boracay to cover The Tides. Yes, it was for work. But everyone that hops over to the paradise island of pleasure knows that there is always time to squeeze in a few hours of fun — grab a Jonas shake, munch on a few longga burgers, bask in the sun, and check out the sights of Boracay.

But as luck would have it, the sun refused to shine and the clouds were aplenty. And of course, with the clouds, came the rain. Three days of it. What is commonly believed to be one of the hottest spots in our fair country turned out to be a drenched and soggy island of unlucky travelers.

[cooped in our room, avoiding the rain]

I try to find consolation by reminding myself that it was, in fact, a business trip. But even that got spoiled by the rain, as I wasn’t able to take many photos of our residence, due to the constant precipitation. Still, we made do with what we were given.

Being that we had a Boracay first timer with us on our trip, we decided to show her around the island and get her acquainted with some of the “usual suspects”. We had our shakes at Jonas, we had our longga burgers along the shore and we would have had a few Jam Jars by the beach, if Cocamangas was still standing… We also took her around D’Mall and various spots within the island, as weather permitted.

Of course, we also did what we came to do — interview some people from The Tides, sample some of their food, and of course, try out their comfy quarters (which we spent a lot of time confined in, because of the rain). But that is a a different story… which should be coming out within the next few days in the pages of Yehey.

All in all, it still was a pleasant trip. After all, anytime you can get away from the office is still a special treat. And I was able to take a few snaps during our stay, albeit limited.

Special thanks to the wonderful staff at The Tides for graciously accepting us as their guests, especially General Manager Pete Gonzales, Admin Manager Norman Tamayo and Food and Beverage Manager Natasha Ricafort.


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