rogue rocks

I used to be an avid reader of men’s magazine titles such as FHM and Maxim for the raunchiness, Playboy for the articles (haha, yeah right), and Details for the guy stuff. But I got tired of looking at overly airbrushed babes; blonde-haired, blue-eyed bimbos, and having to shell out my salary on expensive magazines, which after ogling and passing over once, finds its way to the trash bin or storage boxes.

For the past few months though, I have found a good reason to open up my wallet, and start another periodical collection — Rogue Magazine. The monthly publication features articles on pretty much everything under the sun, depending on the focus of the issue. Great photos, entertaining reads, hard hitting features are packed within the pages…

And this month’s issue is no different. But what caused me to write a snippet on this installment is the focus for this month — music, with one article in particular — Jose Mari Ugarte’s feature on Steely Dan. Ever since my neighbor introduced me to this enigmatic and quirky, yet extremely talented band (back in 1992), I have been fascinated by their sublime music — rock and roll, jazz, and pop all fused into a genre that you can’t quite place your fingers on and label. And their lyrics, ranging from the bizarre to the mundane to scholarly, just add to their musical genius, leaving you scratching your head, wondering what exactly they were singing about.

But this isn’t a review of one of favorite bands of all time. So if you wanna learn more on rock and rolls quirkiest sons, grab a copy of Rogue Magazine and check out Ugarte’s article on Steely Dan.


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