Yehey-Yahoo journey

Over the past few years, I have gotten used to seeing people leave, resign and move on to other jobs. One of the latest Yehey! employees to make the leap was our eComm manager and resident Tech Evangelist (and a huge superman freak… hence the pose), Jonas de los Reyes.

‘Nas’ (as we like to call him in the office) started out in Yehey many years back as a Channel Editor before moving to Chikka for a brief stint. After testing the waters in other areas, Jonas found his way home and returned to Yehey as the eComm Manager of Kaban, our payment gateway and online merchant enabler. And in another twist of fate, now ‘Nas’ finds himself in the US version of Yehey — Yahoo. ^_^

Oftentimes I catch him online… and I never fail to rag on him, whenever we start a conversation. He knows I’m just playing around when I call him a TRAITOR. =P And this post is proof of that (proof that I’m joking)… because despite his own shameless plug, I am also trying to spread the article of his interview. So, if you haven’t caught it floating around the net yet, here’s your chance to catch up on a bit of reading.


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