Moto Mash Up

Continuing with its tradition of kick ass events, Motorola held a special Moto MashUp shindig last night at WareHouse 135. With food aplenty, beer and cocktails overflowing, prizes awaiting and music pumping through the night, the event was a big hit.

Featuring the stylish Motorola Rokr E8 and the very affordable Motorola W230, the local mobile set giant introduced the concept of Mash Up.

MashUp, you ask? Simply put, it’s a merging of two things to create one cool final product. Take the Rokr E8. It’s a mobile phone, yet, it can be transformed into a mp3 player, with the click of a button. And Motorola has taken the MashUp lifestyle one step further with their line up of musicians, merging different genres and melding diverse songs, creating totally unique sounds.

On hand for the evening were Ciudad and Overtone; Radha and Top Suzara; and DJ Funk Avy and Taken By Cars. And we all got a glimpse of the intense musical mash ups.

To get a better idea, check out OdysseyLive.

Here’s my favorite video from the bunch:

more photos here


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