island cove

Despite the heavy traffic on a Monday morn, Lan and I headed over to Island Cove to do a small feature on the resort. Neither of us had been to the 36 hectare attraction, so we had no idea what to expect. Little did we know, we were in for quite a surprise.

To be honest, I figured Island Cove to be a typical small resort with a pool and a few hotel rooms. Of course, nothing could have been further from the truth… and here’s some proof:

[click image for a larger view]

[click image for a larger view]

[click image for a larger view]

[click image for a larger view]

Within the 36 hectare resort, Island Cove offers various amenities and activities for the whole family. At the Oceania Water Park, there’s a huge pool with a giant slide for the water lovers, as well as kiddie pool cum play area complete with water fountains and “jungle gym”. For the sporty types, there’s a gym, a bowling alley, a tennis court, as well as a basketball court. For the cerebral individuals, you can check out the life sized chess set for a quick game. The entire family can enjoy some animal fun in the Butterfly Gardens, the Reptile Zoo, feed the crocs in the Crocodile farm or check out some of the simians in the Monkey Island. There are also various wildlife in the Animal island such as Bengal Tigers, Ostrich, Cassowary and much more. And for those of you that want to get up close and personal with the fauna, you can also check out petting zoo.

If you get hungry, you have your choice of some Pinoy food at the Fishing Village (where you can also go fishing while waiting for your fare), some international rations over at Sangley Point or continental food over at the Hotel Café.

Of course, for those of you that choose to unwind, there is also a spa within the resort that offers various services and treatments for your pampering needs.

And, if you find yourself still raring to go in the evenings, Island Cove offers a few attractions and entertainment facilities for your evening activities such as the Island Sing videoke so you can belt out few tunes and the F Deck Bar for a quick nightcap or an all night drinking binge (with a live band for entertainment).

We only had a few hours to tour the area, but the spots that we visited were already more than enough to overload our visual palates and memory capacity. So until our next visit, this will have to do.

If you want to find out their rates, their special promo packages or simply get more info, check out the Island Cove website.


more photos here

And don’t forget to keep checking Yehey! for Karla’s in depth article on the resort.

Special thanks to our hosts Lea Remulla-Mate and Cong. Gilbert Remulla for showing us around and answering all our queries.


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