more Yehey! IDs

One of the fun aspects of working in a dot com is the loose and light-hearted atmosphere. The people are young, creative and game for just about anything. We have Filipino translations for our work designations (like ang Hinete ng Channels, ang Barker ng Marketing) and we also have our creative poses for our Identification cards. Last week, I took a few photos of some of the newer hires, as well as some of the oldies that wanted a retake. So here they are:

[click photo for larger view]

[click photo for larger view]

[click photo for larger view]

see the full list of IDs


3 thoughts on “more Yehey! IDs

  1. hey laszlo – didn’t you used to go to maria montessori? i think we were carpool mates in Mang Rudy’s ride – with Paola and Julia?

  2. ya we were! u had an older brother, too, i recall. was in the same grade as paola and eric, had a brother called amiel (sina paola called me jo-an then!) – we were in montessori i think just for a couple of years before we moved away. haha, small world indeed!

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