Identity Theft

So I finally got my hands on the elusive sophomore album of Drip entitled Identity Theft (hence my blog post title). I had been searching for months now, only to be told in some stores that they were either “out of stock,” or worse yet, in others, I only got blank expressions like I was asking for some ultra-rare and obscure Hungarian cellist. But thankfully today (or a few hours ago, to be exact) I stumbled across the album in Bonifacio High Street’s Fully Booked.

As I had waited in eager anticipation for a few weeks, I could hardly wait to get into the car to pop the cd into my changer. And as soon as I stepped into the auto, I tore through the packaging and slipped the cd in the disc slot.

For those of you familiar with Drip’s music, you can expect the great trip-hop / electronic rock vibes synonymous with the quartet. However, there is a sense of more maturity in the album – more clarity, direction and unity. Also, there is more emphasis on the electronic aspect of the music.

As I haven’t really been listening to the radio for the past few months, I don’t know if the band has released any singles or if there has been much airplay (on NU107), but I do have my initial faves: Fallen (the album’s opening track) – a drum and bass number that opens up with a haunting wail; Kindergarten Romance – a funky, beat driven, scratched out track with heavy organs; Faultless – a slower tempo tune with great vocals, and Morning After – an up-tempo feel good king of song.

Overall verdict: If you want to listen to some original trip-hop / electronica rock, this is definitely a great place to start. Beng Calma’s distinctive drone, Caliph8’s electronic wizardry, Ian Morse’s contagious beats and Malek Lopez’s overall direction give the quartet a finely crafted patent sound.

You can read another article from PulsePh.


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