Bitch for Change

Known for their constant complaints and rocking performances, independent band Reklamo have taken their bitching and stamped their unique brand of music into one solid album, Bitch for Change.

With their eclectic sound ranging from classic rock to a bit of funk to some dabbling in island rhythms to good old rock and roll, the aural pleasures reminiscent of bands like Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jimi Hendrix come to mind. Of course, it would be a bit unfair to liken the trio to some rock and roll royalty… Besides the band does add their own brand of bitchin’ styles to the mix.

Their first two tracks, I Hate Everybody and I Am My Own Bestfriend, are funky bass slapping tunes that make you bob your head, uncontrollably. And for some reason, despite the seeming negativity of the tunes, you tend to agree with what the band is driving at. Listen closely to the lyrics, and you’ll get what I’m saying.

My two favorite tracks from the album, though, are 3 for 100 — a very catchy tune, reminiscent of the old school, classic rock simplistic approach: uncomplicated, no hidden meanings behind the lyrics with rockin guitar riffs and a superfluous guitar solo and Lahat Bawal — a funked out, motorists lament on the sorry state of the traffic scheme here in the Philippines.

If I had to complain (no pun intended) on one thing on the album, it would probably have to be the fact that I had to run to five different music stores to find the CD. But after listening (and relistening) to the music, I find pleasure in the fact that there are still [local] bands out there willing to record independently just to get THEIR music out there. Sure, it may come at a cost, but the music is untainted by bigger music labels, and the artists get to do their own thing.

Reklamo may not be able to change the way things work in the Philippines, but with their debut album, Bitch for Change, they may just see a some movement in the music industry.

Reklamo are:

LC de Leon – vocals, guitar, and banjo
Mig Dayanghirang – bass, back up vocals
Ciro de Leon – drums, whistle, back up vocals

more Reklamo Photos


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