Share the Bo’s Coffee experience

When you’re passionate about something, it shows. And I think that was evident, when president of Bo’s Coffee, Steve Benitez shared his thoughts and views on the special bean in this local coffee house.

Student bloggers gathered at the Bo’s Coffee Katipunan branch for a unique day of coffee tasting and creation (as written in my previous post).

So after Steve “shared his passion,” the main event began. Students grouped themselves together, and were given the task of creating their own drinks. Excitedly, they discussed their mixtures and combinations for their home made concoctions.

Being a coffee lover, myself, I was eagerly anticipating the results of the brainstorming. And I was not disappointed. The brews were original and very tasty. But as there will be another event coming soon, I can’t give away too many details on the coffee drinks whipped up by the four groups.

And as an added incentive to the winners, their inventions will be featured in the Bo’s coffee houses across the country for a month, with full recognition given, with the runners-up getting a week of coffee glory.

So, without writing too much more, here are a few photos from the event.

[click image for larger view]
[click image for larger view] 

[click image for larger view]
[click image for larger view]
[click image for larger view]

more photos here


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