name mangling

How many people get their name mangled on a daily basis? Not many of you, I suppose. I guess it comes with having such an unusual sounding name.

Yes, I love my name. I find it very unique, and at times, becomes an ice breaker. However, I find that my name gets mangled, bastardized and just plain messed up on a daily basis. Ordering from my favorite fastfood joints, making phone calls and ordering from my favorite millieu, Starbucks has become somewhat of an annoying, yet humorous event.

I took a photo of the latest boo-boo, and will compile the list of revisions my name has gone through.

Some of the funny names I have been given:

  1. Lapzno
  2. Lando
  3. Lazo
  4. Laclo
  5. Lafso
  6. Labno
  7. Ladlo
  8. Lambo
  9. Lasclo
  10. La… La… las… Mr Miguel Lim
  11. my personal favorite: Lason

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