trenZa salon one year anniv

With a fedora on my head and a feather boa around my neck, I was feelin rakenroll!

trenZa salon celebrated their one year anniversary last Friday, and treated bloggers and media (and their families) like rock stars, offering their various first rate services — everything from hair spas to foot scrubs to nail art (even glitter tattooing) — for free.

Ceremonies were kicked off with a spread of various dishes and desserts, before a short speech. Then, it was all rock and roll. Guests filled the seats to get their treatments, and even had a chance to create bracelets or necklaces, while waiting for their turn at some pampering and relaxation.

Here are some photos from the event…

[elaine gets some curls]

[gettin some ink done]

[sitting in the kids’ corner]

[thumb(s) up for the shear]

[little rock stars starting early with the attitude]

[princess allana gets some curls too]

[az’s first time…]

[rockin the fedora and boas]

[apple displays her apples]

more photos
see alvin’s photos
see az’s photos


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