wtf is that?

Last Friday, I had a sebaceous cyst removed from my ear. It had been lodged right behind my left lobe, and taken residence for the past two years. It didn’t really bother me, even if it grew over the two years, but I just felt it was time to part ways… especially after receiving a few “WTF! Gross. What is that” comments.

The procedure was quick; all in all, roughly thirty minutes. It was pretty painless — only a few pricks from the anesthesia. Other than that, the only thing unpleasant was the smell of my flesh being lasered like charred meat.

I wanted to bottle up the cyst in the jar and take it home with me, but its currently undergoing some tests. And after the biopsy, the hospital won’t release it. At least they allowed me to take a few photos.

And if you’re wondering about my post’s title, take a gander below…


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