DOT and MTV casual dinner

As part of an ongoing campaign to promote our beautiful country, DOT and long time partner MTV hosted a casual dinner tonight, over at The O Lounge of Alchemy.

The topic: DOTs (and MTVs) plans for next year. The guests of honor: none other than Tourism secretary himself, Joseph “Ace” Durano and Undersecretary Edu Jarque.

And as an added treat, Christine Gambito (Happy Slip, to the uninitiated) was also present at the event, to add a little color to the festivities.

Through a candid gathering, Secretary Durano made a few plans for next year known. The biggest of which is a culminating event to take place sometime in November entitled Rockipelago — a massive gathering of Fil-Am musical performers. Of course, names were withheld, so as to keep a tight lid on the bands involved… but a few hints were dropped, so we can all speculate.

Being that this was the first time the DOT got involved with an event as informal as the one held last night, i.e. a casual dinner with bloggers, it was quite surprising to see Secretary Durano and Undersecretary Jarque so at ease. In fact, Sec. Durano was so comfortable, he was the one cracking a few jokes to get the bloggers in a light mood.

As the evening progressed, and ideas were exchanged, we were even treated to a bit of magic by Kel Fabie.

All in all, I think it was a good night. Bloggers were given the privilege to find out first hand some of the plans that the DOT will be rolling out next year, together with MTV… and Secretary Durano was able to gather some insight into the mind of a blogger.

Watch out for more info in the coming months, as we see some of these plans unfold.

Here are some photos from the event…

[happy slip is in manila]

[christine and Sec. Durano enjoying Kel’s magic]

[group shot with MTV Asia Director for Marketing Partnerships Yvonne Tey, Undersecretary Edu Jarque, Happy Slip and DOT Secretary Ace Durano]

more photos
photos from az
fran’s photos

noemi’s entry
jonel’s entry


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