ending the year

Aside from all the parties and drinking sessions, this extended vacation has been quite a busy few days. And although work is taking a back seat at the moment, some of the events that have transpired can just tire you out… but in a good way.

Here are a few shots from my phone cam…

[baby thea just waking up]

[(ba)thor still asleep]

One stop was City Kart racing where Sean celebrated his 9th birthday with a few laps around the track.

[at city kart, posing by the podium]

[allana and her foxy ears and loose tooth]

And as it had been put off for quite a while, the kiddos were due for a visit to their dentist, Tita Mau.

[anshel getting injected]

[getting ready for the tooth extraction]

Of course, we couldn’t miss Peachy‘s 30th over at KFC, so we hopped over for a quick celebration.

[peachy celebrates her 30th]

We also drove over to C’ Italian restaurant for a quick bite and great Italian fare.

[mr. speed stacks, curly]

[tres chic allana showing off her missing tooth]

And hopped over to Dimasalang to check out some flowers.

[pink to red]

[flowers galore]

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