Coalition for the Deserving

Trying to break archaic traditions in the Philippines is a difficult task — especially when these traditions are steeped in dirty politics and corrupt governance. But it has to start somewhere.

Enter Coalition for the Deserving

The Coalition is comprised of four political parties (Aksyon Demokratiko, Reporma, Kilusang Bagong Lipunan and Bigkis Pinoy) attempting to bring a new system of choosing the next president and other key leaders of our country, without regard to party affiliations. These four parties are trying to break the old ways of popularity voting and aiming to instill the discipline of choosing our leaders with the qualities of a deserving individual: capacity to inspire, trustworthiness and genuine compassion.

Yesterday (02 February 2009) at the Manila Hotel, the Coalition was officially launched, with members from the four political parties in supportive attendance… along with members of the press and a bunch of bloggers.

In the launching, former SEC Chairman and current Coalition spokesperson Perfecto Yasay, Jr. presided over the events and fielded the questions thrown at the assembly.

And in one excerpt from his speech, Yasay summed the Coalition’s vision: “…the Coalition for the Deserving implies two basic levels of worth, value or merit: First, deserving means that the people who choose our leaders have the right to expect the rewards of good governance, that they are the sole legitimate beneficiaries of dedicated and selfless leaders. Second, that the leaders the Coalition will select an support on the basis of measurable standards that will be applied in determining their fitness to govern, will be deserving of the confidence and unqualified support of our people.”

No longer should we vote for the most entertaining, the best looking, the smoothest dancing, the most eloquent, silver-tongued candidate. Popularity and “winability” should not be factors in choosing our leaders. Rather, we should look for individuals with character and ability to do the job at hand. In other words, we should seek the deserving.

Along with the Coalition for the Deserving, Yasay is also calling on “every true Filipino, especially the youth to join us in this noble and great cause, as the entire Philippines clamor desperately for change.”

For more information, you can check out their website.

[bloggers with atty. Nick Conti and Coalition Spokesperson Perfecto Yasay]

[bloggers with atty Nick Conti]

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