Corporate Lo-fi

With the advent of the ubiquitous iPod and various other MP3 players, listening to the radio has somewhat taken a back seat to the gratification of our aural pleasures. I, myself, am guilty of . After all, listening to what you want, when you want is really an audiophiles wet dream.

However, there are days when I choose to tune in to the radio. Normally, I catch Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee on the morning show, over at Magic 89.9. But my preferred station is (always has been, and will most probably always be) NU107.

And today, I remembered why I used to love listening to the radio — discovering new artists or songs I had never heard before. As I was tuned in to NU this morning, I heard a new tune from Corporate Lo-Fi, a local band comprised of numerous music veterans from varying genres (hip-hop, rakenroll, ska, and more) and several bands (Itchyworms, Chillitees, SVC, Wajijuara, Sugarfree, Indio I and a few more).

Upon hearing the song, I couldn’t quite place the origins of the band. There was a unique flavor to the tune — Hip-Hop, Rakenroll, Jazz and Big Band sounds all rolled into one. It was like listening to The Roots / Digable Planets meets Mother Earth meets The Brian Setzer Orchestra… with a distinct Pinoy flair.

Patiently, I waited for the DJ to reveal the artist. I was eager to get my hands on their album. But upon doing my research (and after visiting a couple of record bars), I sadly discovered that their album won’t be out til sometime next month. But in the meantime, you can check out some of their tracks on their MySpace Page and trip out with this unique blend of sounds.


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