Live Free

Last Saturday, I experienced a concert of a different kind.

miniposterLife Haven, Inc., an organization promoting the Independent Living philosophy for persons with disabilities (PWD) held a benefit concert at Crossroads 77 to raise funds to continue their services of assistance to PWDs in need.

On hand to showcase their talents were a few special performers: the Beautiful Gate Performance Art Troupe from Malaysia, the talents of Tahanang Walang Hagdan Ballroom Dancers on Wheelchairs, Bahay Mapagmahal Rondalla on Wheels and the Sparkle Band, as well as an up and coming band, the Good Morning High Fives and one of my fave local bands, Juan Pablo Dream.

The multi-cultural performances were inspiring and at the same time, very entertaining. It is always great to see people with such a zest for life — disabled or not.

Here are a few photos from the event:

[joon and doc, our handsome hosts]

[the sparkle band]

[good morning high fives guitarist]

[beautiful gate performers in their lively outfits]

[rondalla on wheels from bahay mapagmahal]

[ballroom dancers from tahanan walang hagdan]

[belting out a tune, from beautiful gate]

[the horn section of juan pablo dream]

[juan pablo dream frontman Bing Austria]

more photos: my flickr account

For more information, you can check out: and

or contact

Benjamin Bernandino, Project Director – Life Haven,
Telephone No. 4433459
Mobile No. 09215793996

Or go direct to Life Haven Inc.

2189 M. de Leon St.,
Fortune Village 2, Gen. T. de Leon,
Valenzuela City 1442
Telefax: +63 2 3520868


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