the lx100 + jjc auto lens cap + filter

Because I had trouble finding info on the net, I decided to go ahead and make the purchase, fingers crossed. And I decided to create this post, in case anyone else comes across the same quandry.

The 1st photo is the current set up I have with my Lumix LX100. You will notice the JJC DMW LFAC1 (with label ALC-LX100) attached to the front of the camera. This is an easy screw on to the front, after removing the detachable ring mounted on the camera.

Here’s a close up of the mounting:

My dilemma was not so much with the lens cap, but if I could use the cap WITH a filter screwed on the lens. But as the picture below shows, certain filters will fit.

In this case, I attached a B+W 43mm UV Haze filter. I would suggest checking the dimensions before making a purchase.


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