creating a lomo effect

As a follow up to my previous post, I decided to put a simple tutorial on ow to create a lomo effect for your digital photos — scanned or otherwise. Of course, it won’t be exactly the same as an actual lomo photo, but it pretty much emulates the effect.

So here goes…

    1. Open your photo to edit. Let’s use this one as a sample.

    2. Apply a Lens Correction Filter (follow the steps below)
       a. Filter
       b. Distort
       c. Lens Correction
       d. adjust the VIGNETTE and MIDPOINT to your liking

your image should look like this:

    3. Select the Channels Tab in your workspace and click on the Red Channel

    4. Adjust the brightness / contrast (follow the steps below)
       a. go to Image
       b. select Adjustments
       c. select Brightness / Conrast
       d. increase the contrast to your liking

    5. Select the Green Channel and repeat Step 4
    6. Select the RGB Channel to see the results


    7. You can take it a bit further, by Adjusting the Levels (CTRL+L) and use the slider to your liking…

    8. …and even one step further by placing more color on the photo by Adjusting the Hue / Saturation (CTRL+U)

and your final photo will look like this:

good luck on your experiments… ^_^


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